Young Women Deserve the Chance to Live Again

Thousands of girls each year are arrested for prostitution and sent to jail.  Walking the streets at night looking for grown men to take advantage of them isn’t a place for a thirteen year old. But many girls and women are forced to work these jobs and thrown around like rag dolls between customers. Ending the cycle is almost impossible; once free and safe, the victims get pulled back in. Every state should have programs to help these children and women once if they escape this life.

Young girls ranging from the ages 9-17 are taken every day by men and thrown into illegal sex rings.  These “pimps” or men at first come off as charming and a “good boyfriend”. Many of their victims perceive them as a good alternative to living with their families and move in with them. They are anything but that. They lure and catch girls, selling their bodies like pets acting as if they care for you and your future. Not only do these victims have to patrol the streets but they are also brought to many extravagant sporting events providing a wide range of customers an opportunity to cash in on them. This past super bowl many people were excited to see the final two teams hit the field but that wasn’t the case for many under aged girls that weekend. 298 people were arrested in connection to prostitution.

Authority is a key for the leaders of these sex rings. They teach the girls not to trust the law and other higher officials. Fearing what their “care takers” will do to them they abide and stay far away. This life is filled with such hate and pressure to make money that these girls identities are lost and all they had or ever will be, seems taken from them. It’s more common in the U.S. than people realize. The number is still unknown and being researched but this only heightens the amount of attention needed to help the girls who we know have been trafficked.  This life is extremely hard to get out of and the ones that do barely make it on their feet.

Some 8.4 children around the world are forced to work against their will. The problem is that many states don’t help the girls who have seemingly found their way out of their horrible situation whether they got themselves out or were arrested. Helps hard to find when no one seems to be looking for the signs. Schools should educate young women more about recognizing a wolf in disguise and protecting them from what many have already experienced.

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