Monday Musings: Bitten

The waves crashed on the shore spraying salt in my mouth. I could’ve sworn it was whispering my name. The wind blew my hair back as I braced myself for the cold water that was about to be surrounding me. I hurled my arms forward trying to spread myself as far as possible. I stay, staring at the sun, floating on my back waiting for my parents to call me back waiting for my parents to call me back to shore but all I heard were the cascading waves. After just a moment I open my eyes. I was well off shore.  You couldn’t even see the bottom of the ocean. I gasped as I thought I saw something move. All guilt surrounded me. I never should of disobeyed my parents. They were just protecting me from what happened to my brother.  New energy raised from inside me and I made an effort to swim as fast as I could to shore. I can sense something is following me but I kept going. Then it bites. Pain overwhelms me as I let out a small wail. I was so close to shore I couldn’t stop there. I thought of my brother and all the grief he made my parents feel when he died. I would not let them feel that towards me. I pushed on but don’t remember the rest. All I see now is light, and white walls. I lean forward and realize I’m in a hospital bed.

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