To the Silenced Lips and the Reckless Minds

We always use the empty words,

but most actions are just accidents.

So do we tell a little lie,

or later take it back with us?

My head is heavy with the weight of the world,

my feet can barely carry me.

As my leather boots begin to tear,

my heart floats farther out to sea.

The world is in constant motion

with all the bikes and cars and trains,

but i’ve laid down to rest,

to escape the world’s insane.

To all the kids with the empty minds

and the unexplainable creatures,

take all the whispers on the streets

and make them your best features.

I heard the tree that fell in the woods

when no one else was around.

Silence is an amazing weapon,

but it’s more of a drug for the ones without sound.

With a gun to your head you bid us farewell

can you believe it’s just letters that make us cry?

It’s impossible to tell everyone they’re beautiful,

there are just too many stars in the sky.

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