Merry Monday Musings

This weekend my family and I went to Atlantic City. We stayed at this huge hotel for just one night since my parents just came for the concert they were having that night. My parents left to the concert and kept us in the hotel room with my older brother in charge. Later that night, my parents were not back yet but the phone rang. My older brother and i were to busy because he was on his phone and i was reading a book. So my little brother being his happy self went to pick up the phone. After a couple of seconds he hing up with a fearful look on his face. He said someone asked if there was unattended children in the room and my little brother being such a weakling hung up without answering because he panicked. After i calmed him i gave him my phone and let him play fro a while. My brother was wondering when my parents came back and they said in a couple of hours. then after about half an hour someone knocked on the door. I ran to look through the peephole but my little brother thinking my parents were back opened the door without checking who it was. There stood a security officer. I put on my most mature face and asked if there was anything wrong and he said there might be unattended children in this room i said yes and told him that my older brother was fourteen he looked at my older brother and nodded he said” oh fourteen that’s fine then” after he left i stared daggers at my brother and asked him wasn’t he supposed to be in charge he waved off my question and went back to his hone. ¬†When my parents came back at the wee hours and we were still awake my brother told them what happened and said how he acted in a responsible and mature when talking to the officer. my parents agreed with me when i said he was lying and they said my brother wasn’t really that mature. It was a stressful night.

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