Monday Musing

Life. such a simple term with such a complex meaning. What is life? According to Google, life is “the existence of an individual human being of animal.” That seems so cold and hard. I always imagined life to be a term full of color and warmth. To me it means to be alive and surrounded by the people you love, appreciating them before they are taken from you. It seems so plain and simple but many people can’t grasp what it means to be alive. Life is too short to never love, have fun, or travel the world. You need to live life alive, if that makes any sense. Life isn’t good for everyone, it’s  based on how you want to live.

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1 thought on “Monday Musing

  1. Being someone who thinks often about words and their origins, I have always struggled to dismiss as coincidence the fact that “live” and “love” are separated by just a single letter; kind of like “good” and “God.”

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