Monday Musings: The Little, Dead Possum

Over this weekend my dogs killed a harmless little animal, once again.  It was about 10 o’clock on Friday night, and we let the dogs outside for about 20 minutes. I have two very interesting dogs, Russ and Bear.  Russ is the fat,lazy 90 pound dog and Bear is the ferocious 20 pound dog. We named the stubborn dog Russ, after the color of his fur: a rusty color. We named Bear after his crazy  attitude.  So, after 20 minuteas of them being outside, we let them back in the house.   Both of the dogs came in with their tongues out, drooling, and blood on their stomachs. My first thought was that they killed an animal, now this has happened before, but they never came inside so out of breath.  We then gave them a bath and went to sleep, hoping that the dead animal wasn’t suffering.  The next morning, my Dad went down our hill, to the garage. Guess what he found? A dead possum, that’s right. We assumed that my dogs broke it’s neck and killed it. My Dad then put it in the woods, for many reasons. It was so sad, I hope the poor, little, innocent, possum didn’t suffer. 

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1 thought on “Monday Musings: The Little, Dead Possum

  1. Considering they broke its neck, it’s safe to assume the opossum didn’t suffer. . . . I have a German shorthaired pointer mix, Kobi, and I’ve had to discard of several dead animals in my backyard as well.

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