Monday Musings: Bad Jokes

This muse is going to be on bad jokes. Some people say that when a bad joke or attempt at humor is made, that it should be ignored. This, however leads to people thinking that a hit and miss strategy is acceptable for comedy. That is wrong. By setting an example that you can fail a joke with no consequences is foolish. Sure, making jokes is like taking a good picture; sometimes you can make a great one, and sometimes an absolutely horrific one. But, if as a society as a whole, we were to tell people when a joke was bad, and get around our foolish notions that it is impolite, we would have a much better outcome of comedy. If you were to tell someone that unless they took a stellar picture, they would have to pay a fine, you would have a lot less horrible pictures. Likewise, if you told people when a joke was bad, they could improve upon it very much so. By not telling people that their jokes aren’t funny, we place them in a bubble, and soon, after people realize that they are’nt funny, the opaque bubble floats away, until it pops, and the person has to hit the rock bottom of comedy.

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