On saturday my dad, mom and I went to my grandparents house in New York. We were going there because they were moving and they needed help lifting boxes. My mom was looking out the window speechless the entire car ride with a sad face. This is where she grew up, this is where she had belonged for 30 years growing up, and now it was sold. She said with a longing face, “Zach, look out the window, remember the view. you won’t be seeing it as often anymore. This is the end of my old house.” I said “mom don’t think of it as an end, but as a new beginning.” I looked out the window when we were crossing the George Washington bridge. It was an amazing sight, the water was glistening in the sunlight and I closed my eyes trying to remember every last detail of it. I thought, whenever I think about this house, I will remember this view.

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