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   Last night i was watching television.  I decided to turn on a news channel.After watching for just a few minutes, I questioned whether or not that was a good idea or not.  Much of what I watched was disturbing.

      There seemed to be not many good happenings on the news.  Actually there was no good news.  It was all bad news.  They talked about the plane that went down in Malaysia.   The news reporter also talked about shootings, killings, and more criminal activity.  There was also mention of automobile accidents and robberies.  Why I turned this  channel on is beyond me.

I know that these things happen but it would be nice if the news could focus moreon the positive happenings throughout the country instead of all of these tragic things.There are many charitable organizations working so hard to earn money for good causes.  There are also many good people in the country that do good things.

Unfortunately, the television news channels focus on the negative things.  I wish they would change that so more families could watch the news together.  WIth all of the tragedies, its not always appropriate for young children to watch the news.  I think its important for all family members to be informed of what is happening.


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  1. That’s one of the reasons I left the media industry, Jarrid; it always focuses on the negative nature of humanity. Some real hard-nosed editors I used to work for would always hope for fires and accidents to happen because those are the types of stories that accompany the photos that get the public’s attention. I couldn’t take it.

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