Monday Muse- Countries Not Getting Along

   Countries Not Getting Along

I could never understand why wars occur.  Usually nothing good comes out of it.  We are all humans.  Why can’t we all just get along.

         With wars, too many casualties occur.   Too many people die. This means that many families lose their loved ones.  People lose their spouses and children lose their parents.  Parents lose their children. An example of this could be how young children at the age of eighteen are now deciding to go fight for our country, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but it shows how much the war has corrupted our society. Several young teens, of both genders are going out to support our country and risk their lives. Not only is it nerve racking for themselves, but for all of their families and friends. Each day  we all wonder how our soldiers are and if they’re in critical condition or not.

When countries have disagreements, there needs to be other ways to work the issues out.  maybe they could just agree to disagree.  Another way to work out  issues is to compromise.  Compromising works with many things so why not give thats a try.

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