Monday Musing: The Universe

Something I have always wondered about is the universe. The universe. A gigantic, never ending realm that we have not yet discovered even a tiny portion of.  The universe is very questionable, too.  Our earth could be one in hundreds of billions of trillions (and so on) of other planets and galaxies.  We wonder if there is life on those planets. I think there is, some form of life, maybe even so called “aliens”. I think aliens exist, but I don’t really think of the goofy, multiple eyed type of aliens when I say I think there are aliens on different planets.  I just think that there are unique lifeforms in other dimensions that definitely differentiate among any known species to man.  One of the biggest challenges of discovering these things is travel.  It costs a fortune to engage in space travel, for example, traveling to the moon.  The rocket costs millions of dollars, as well as other factors, such as astronaut training, supplies, tests, etc.  Did you know the International Space Station cost billions? If every person on the earth was one dollar, it costed more to make than the amount of people on the planet (it cost more than 7 billion dollars). Maybe, someday, space travel will be less difficult, and amazing discoveries will be made. In addition, I also wonder how the universe was created.  I don’t think there is really a true scientific reason.  There are many religious views on it. Some believe that G-d created the universe in 7 days, and others believe it was just the Big Bang. I hope I someday know how it was formed. There are thousands of questions to be answered about the universe, will they ever truly be answered?

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