Monday Musings #3

Right now I am reading a book called Burn For Burn by Siobhan Vivian. The novel is an interesting read, written from three different points of view. There is Liliah, the popular girl who hates her friends. Kat, the tomboy that everyone pretends to hate while secretly loves. And Mary, the sweet junior who came back to her hometown to get what she wants, what they all want – revenge. The three girls join together to plot what they have yearned for for years. They set an embarrassing ploy for Alex, the boy messing around with Liliah’s sister to go down. Remmie, Kat’s former best friend has teased and spread rumors about her for years. Kat’s tactic is to ruin Remmies’s one and only dream. Mary is out to break the heart of the boy who ruined her life, while almost ending it, leaving her at counselors and therapist offices daily. But karma doesn’t go the girls’ way when everything is blown out of hand/perspective on the most important night in high school – homecoming.

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