Paint-balling with Friends

It was paintball time. I loaded my hopper with 150 paintballs, took off the safety strap, and pushed off the safety button. We started the match with my team standing behind a huge desk on our side. I heard the popping of my teamates’ guns going off and the patter of paintballs hitting our wall. An image of a rainy day flashed into my mind. I moved out of cover, running towards another desk in the woods that would provide me with cover. Realizing that no one had seen me, I went into prone position and looked at my surroundings.There was a kid about fifteen feet away concentrating on his target. He hadn’t seen me. I leveled my gun at his head and pulled the trigger three times. A moment later I saw the pink paint from the paintballs sliding down his helmet. He was out. I then went to his position and looked into the small blue shed in front of me. I knew that my enemy was inside. I slowly moved behind him ready to shoot him. I didn’t know that his teammates who were out, were telling him that I was there. He turned around and I ran. In a swift, quick movement he shot me in the back and shoulder. I was out.

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