The Crucial Point

This was my one chance. If I win this point I would win the match. As I stood on the baseline in my serving stance, bouncing the ball on the hard green floor, I thought strategically. First, I pointed out my opponent’s weaknesses. Matt had a medium-paced serve and his backhand was better than his forehand. I was ready. I tossed the up and my racket collided with my strings two feet above my head and two feet out in front, right where I wanted it. I heard the pop of my racket sliding across the ball as I snapped my wrist down to generate maximum power and swing. We hit three forehands back and forth, crosscourt. I was solid with All of my shots. I had a comfortable backswing, great contact point, I was balanced, and I was leaning forward. Finally, my opponent hit an approach shot and charged the net, hoping for a put away volley. I on the other hand put every ounce of strength that I could muster into my passing shot. The ball flew by my opponent’s left side, and landed deep inside the baseline. I had won!

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