Monday Musing: Israel

Over break I went to Israel to visit my family. I have all of my dad’s side of the family there. I was staying with my grandparents in  a small town called Hadera.  Now my grandparents own a dog. His name is Rico. I soon noticed that nobody took him on a walk. I asked my grandpa when the last time he had walked Rico was and he responded “3 years”. This was very shocking to me. I immediately asked if i could take him for a walk. After a few minutes he relented. I quickly ran to the shed where his old collar and leash were located. I then grabbed my cousin Shaked and we went. For a lot of the time everything went smoothly. Rico was the nicest dog you could ever meet. At some point when we returned Rico stopped to pee. I thought this was a normal thing with dogs until he pounced into the bush. “mrRRRRROOOOOOWWWW!!!” went the bush. Then a cat jumped out of the bush its side covered in blood and Rico barking at it with his mouth also covered in blood. I kicked the cat and it ran away. Rico struggled so much I was sure he would soon pop off my arms if he didn’t stop but eventually he relented. My cousin sobbed and cried, freaked out by the amount of blood. I just pulled Rico along aggressively home. As soon as  we arrived, grandpa jumped up and decreed that Rico would never be walked again. But I insisted he be walked at least weekly. And so that is what happened.

.  Look for Hadera
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1 thought on “Monday Musing: Israel

  1. That’s a really interesting little story, Matan. I like how you focused on one small event from your trip (although to the cat it probably was not such a small event). And I like that you included the map; it must’ve been interesting to be in that part of the world during the Easter holiday.

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