People getting killed for no reason

I dont get why good people are killed or hurt for no reason. It just doesn’t make sense to me. People have no reason or point of killing or hurting a good person for no reason. People deserve their lives as much as everyone else in the world does. I heard a story on the news that a fellow young girl got stabbed because she said no to prom. This is a crazy thing. A young girl should not be stabbed and killed for saying no to prom. Next, the bombing at the boston marathon was pointless. Every person that got injured was totally innocent and did nothing. Another event was the shooting at sandy hook elementary all these little kids were just living their normal life going to school and growing up and a crazy person came and killed/hurt a big amount of kids. One of my last examples is 911. Osama took over the plane and crashed into the twin towers. He killed thousands of innocent humans for no reason. My point that i’m trying to send out is people are crazy and kill or hurt people for no reason. You should always be aware of who’s near you because anything can happen at anytime. All of the events I stated happened randomly for no reason. I hope people learn from these experiences and horrible times and learn never to kill.

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2 thoughts on “People getting killed for no reason

  1. You cited and alluded to several senseless acts of violence, Jarrid. It is mankind’s tragic state to live in a world occupied not only by good but by evil as well.

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