First Goal of the Season

My team was starting with the ball in the first half. I kept the soccer ball a foot away from me in clear sight, waiting for the ref’s whistle. I knew that as soon as I heard that high pitched sound I would be surrounded by my opponents. I heard the whistle blow and bounced into action. I kicked a clean and sharp pass to Rizzo who settled it and then passed to Tony. A defender came up and stole the ball from him. The opposing team had gained possession. Their forwards and midfielders advanced across the field, trying to penetrate our strong defense and get a shot on goal. Their hopes were diminished. Our defender Nick stole the ball and passed to Rizzo who kicked a hard ball past the last defender near my area. A defender and I both raced for the ball, but I got there first. A second after I took it, the defender was on me but I easily maintained possession and took a shot on goal. It went over the head of the goalie in the top middle corner. It was a good start to the season.

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3 thoughts on “First Goal of the Season

  1. Nice finish! Bagging a goal is a great start to the season, Jack. (I’m still waiting on mine.)

  2. Yes, I play twice a week: Wednesday nights, indoor, at the Connecticut Sports Center, in Woodbridge, and Sunday mornings in an over-30 outdoor league; our home field is in Orange but we play all over.

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