Buying a Mother’s Day Present

I walked into Lord and Taylor’s looking for the perfect necklace for my mom. She didn’t like anything flashy or shiny. She liked things that were simple, yet beautiful. I walked up to the sales person and told her that my budget was $150. She lead me to a row of necklaces that were an Indian and Native American style. They were took long. I didn’t like it. I began walking again and something caught my eye. The necklace was short and had shiny green and blue pearls. Green is mine and my mother’s favorite color. But it was too colorful and stood out too much. Finally, I found the area that held simple, metallic necklaces that had character. My brother picked out a long, thin necklace with diamond-like stones. I found a small, barrel-shaped charm with a line of gold around the center with a hint of pink and rows of diamonds cascading off from the center. It had a hole in the middle of it and it reminded me of a ferris wheel. I loved it.

“I’ll take this one please,” I said to the cashier.

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