Monday muse 7

There are a lot of pros and cons about having and using technology in school. Just like many things there are advantages and disadvantages to this.
In school, we learn many new things. Technology has helped us do this in many ways. Being able to do research on a computer is so much easier than looking through books. You could learn about absolute any topic that you need to in just a certain amount of minutes. Being able to look at teachers websites is also very helpful in learning. Having the homework listed on teachers websites is also very helpful. With many students having ipads in school, it makes it easier for everyone to be able to research the topics at the same time.
There are also some disadvantages to technology in school. One disadvantage is that students barely write any more. all of their papers and assignments are now typed. Rarely does a student use cursive when writing a paper. Another downside is that ipads and computers can also be distractions to learning. It is easy to get distracted and look up something that you are not learning about. It’s also very easy to text friends during the school which is unacceptable and against school rules.. Many students have ipads or tablets but some do not. You don’t want a student to feel bad if they do not own one.
So as you can see, there are two sides to this. But after thinking about it I think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Technology is the way of the future whether we like it or not so we may as well go with it. If a student doesn’t have an ipad or a tablet we can all share and work together to help each other.

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