Monday Moaning

So it is finally May and I am feeling completely finished with this year. Seventh grade was great and all (especially that half of a year when my table was not aloud to sit together, the zero amount of field trips we took, and getting up at five fifty four every morning to make lunch) but I think I am ready for summer. I am getting home every day now and seeing my pool, glistening in the sweet sun… and then I turn away, go inside and do homework for two hours, practice the piano, go to dance and check my grades. Don’t even get me started on all that being healthy stuff, nobody is ever shoving another grain of cous cous down my throat again. I want to sit in a cushioned recliner chair, by the pool, with a double bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake in my hand! My personal opinion is that if you have maintained high honors this entire year (which, in fact, I have) homework should just stop at the end of april. I know teachers have worked hard all year too, I mean dealing with a bunch of puberty infested seventh graders who think that they are so cool is a doozy, but cut us some slack. I feel so tired every day now, yet I’ve yet to embark on the battle of “your shorts are too short.” I can promise every single person in this school that when it is ninety degrees outside there is no way I am wearing super thick black spandex to give myself a nasty, little yeast infection. I just cannot wait to drown out the voices of authority figures with the sound of crashing waves.

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