Monday Musings #8: My thoughts on the movie

My monday musing is going to be my thoughts about the movie, “The Outsiders” which is based on the book that we read in class. Overall I thought the movie was okay. But they left out some crucial parts that needed to be seen. I know you can’t put every detail from the book into the movie but these were important and were easy to add into the film. And thats why most of the time the book is more enjoyable than the movie. Also in my opinion some of the acting wasn’t the best. One main point that they left out in the movie is when Ponyboy is in school and his teacher talks to him and tells him he is failing the class and to pass the class he needs to write an essay. While excluding those mistakes the other parts were great. But you must read the book first in order to understand certain parts of the movie.

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1 thought on “Monday Musings #8: My thoughts on the movie

  1. That’s the main problem with the movie, James. It seems to have been made under the assumption that the only people who would see it would be those familiar with the book.

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