Monday Musings 8

For this monday musing I was going to compare the book of The Outsiders to the film The Outsiders. But then I saw Mr. Jockers post it to edmodo and thought, “Should I change my idea?” But then I realised that it was my idea first so I’m going to do it anyway. (By the way if this musing sounds like Mr. Jockers’s peice don’t blame me, I haven’t read his story yet.) I think that the book was better than the movie in every way. I know that it was an old movie but I have seen older and better movies than this. It’s not just the acting or the lighting that I’m complaining about – I’m personally terrible at acting though –  I’m complaining about how almost half of the book was taken out of the movie. Ponyboy getting jumped, most of getting to the church, Ponyboy being sick, and Sodapop running away are four examples. The book also seemed to flow better than the movie did. Personally, I think that I would have liked the movie more if I had seen it before reading the book. I know that some of us liked the movie more than the book but this is just my opinion. At least it wasn’t like the first Percy Jackson movie, that was nothing like the book.

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