Monday Musings – 5/19/14 – The Outsiders Movie

In this Monday Musing, I will be talking about the Outsiders movie we watched in class a few days ago. Similar to most movie-book relations, I liked the book better. I understand it is hard to make a movie just like the book, though. I t is hard for the director to incorporate the main characters point of view. For example, you couldn’t hear Ponyboy’s thoughts in the movie, and his thoughts were a big part in the book. I guess directors could show his point of view with a voice/narrator in the background, but this director didn’t think it was the best choice. Maybe he was right because it might have been to much talking in his head. The disappointing thing is that the director left out a lot of needed parts from the book. I know you can’t fit in every part because it would be like 3 hours long, but some necessary parts could have stayed in I think. The director took out the beginning where Johnny was jumped, and almost started the movie when it was a forth of the way through the book, when they were at the movies with Cherry and Marcia. Also, a big part was that they left out the drama of Dallas being shot, it feels like that very important part was just a blur. They probably could have edited that. Also, a part I didn’t understand was when the greasers and Socs were fighting during the rumble it started pouring down rain. I see that the director did that with the lighting to go with the mood, but then in the background there was a fire going? In the rain? Some things in the movie looked pretty obvious and ridiculous to keep in there. I also think the acting wasn’t that good. It just didn’t “feel” like the book, it just seemed like the characters where reading the lines in their heads, but it wasn’t the worst acting. They played well as there characters. Although, some of the actors didn’t accurately represent themselves like in the book. For example, Darry wasn’t anything like he was in the book as in the movie, and he looked 20 years older. And Sodapop; his character wasn’t really shown in a lot of scenes, and if I didn’t read the book, I wouldn’t understand his personality at all. Also, Rob Lowe (the actor who played Sodapop) is a dark brown brunette, not a blond like in the book! I know it is hard to find the correct and perfect actor for every part, but they probably could’ve done better.  Overall, I think The Outsiders was an excellent book, and an okay movie.

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