Bio poem


Johnny Cade

  Relative of an abusive mother and a drunken father also had 9 best friends

Lover of

                                     Gone with the wind/books and little kids

Who has been

                                          a hero a murder and a best friend

Who feared

                                    Talking back to dally and his harsh parents

Who longed for

No fighting/ people coming together and for their only to be one group of people not 2

His traits

He was a shy kid very strong when he had to be but was also always scared of life all at  same time  Who feels

Like a hoodlum and can never change he also feels like he needs more hair grease

Who needs

                                  A better mother and father and a longer life

Who gave

                      Hope for lots of little kids to live and a haircut to his best friend

who would like to see

The rest of  gone with the wind and anything other than his neighborhood



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