Musing for 5/20/14

I can’t wait for the 2014 World Cup! 32 countries, 16 games. Who will win?


Brazil announced that they would host the World Cup in 2013. Many fans were excited, but others protested because of the amount of public money used to fund the World Cup. Police held the protesters back. Security measures will also be high, with police outside and inside the stadium.


In all, 208 teams have entered. There is a video game for the event. It will be televised around the world. Who do you hope will win? (Mr. Jockers will be the first to answer this question.) There are so many possibilities. Here’s to a good World Cup!

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1 thought on “Musing for 5/20/14

  1. Well, of course I am hoping for the U.S. to win the Cup, but we won’t even advance out of our Group (of Death). I enjoy watching the German side and predict they’ll win it all. Can’t wait as well for it to start!

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