Monday Musings (That I’m not sure was due.)

Today was one of the strangest Mondays I have ever experianced. First I went to the Memorial Day Parade with my brother and sister because it was Memorial day. I walked over to march with the Helen Keller Middle School band, my brother went over to boy scouts, and my sister walked to brownies which is right below girl scouts in age. It was really tiring but fun at the same time. Then we arrived in front of the Town Hall and stood there talking to eachother until more people came. One person was sitting on top of a car throwing small, black footballs to people an he threw three footballs at the band. One of them hit me in the head. Then candy was flying everywhere and I collected four peices. (Last year I got two.) After that everyone got quiet and people talked into the speaker for a long while and they did the twenty-one gun salute and then we went home.

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