Ponyboy Bio Poem

Ponyboy Bio Poem

By Dylan Ferentzy

Ponyboy Curtis

Relative of Sodapop and Darry Curtis

Individual, caring, thoughtful, happy

Lover of Cherry Valance

Who feels, like there shouldn’t be any fighting

Who has been through a lot

Who needs an idea for his essay

Who feared being arrested

Who gave everyone a reason to be happy

Who longed for a society without conflict

Who would like to see his friends alive again

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About dferentzy

I don't know why this had to happen. If you know anything about me, you're unsafe. You have to go. NOW. If anyone found out about me or anyone else, they'd get rid of us. Please don't research me or try to contact me. It'll make things worse than they already are. They're coming. I know they are. I know that when they come, horrible things will happen. I don't want anyone else involved. WEAREHERE jk

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