Book Trailer: The Lightning Thief

By Ian S., Philip and Lukas

Meet twelve year old Percy Jackson, an ordinary kid with ordinary problems, or so he thought. On the first day of summer, just after his sixth-grade year, Percy discovers something very swegifully important about him. He learns that he is a half-blood: half-human, half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York, a camp for kids just like him that is safe from monsters that like to attack half-bloods. In the camp, he learns that his father is poseidon, the greek god of the sea. When Zeus’s master bolt is stoMeet twelve year old Percy Jackson, an ordinal, the great god of lightning blames his brother Poseidon on the theft. He tells him that he has till the end of summer to return the lightning bolt to him or he will declare war on his brother. Percy and his friends grover and annabeth team up to retrieve the lightning bolt that is believed to be in the underworld and take it to his father. Will Percy Jackson succeed in his mission? Who is the lightning thief? Find out by reading this action-packed book of adventure and mythology.

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