2nd Tri-mester Reading Reflection

This tri-mester I read 6 books, and I have to say, they were all excellent! This tri-mester I challenged myself a little more than last. I read more non-fiction, a genre that I don’t read frequently. The best book I probable read was Into Thin Air, by Jon Krakauer. The book was very descriptive, making it a good book. My current favorite author is Suzanne Collins, because she is the author of my favorite book, the Hunger Games. Currently, my favorite genre is Realistic fiction. This is my favorite genre, because since its realistic, I could make more connections to the characters. I think I did a good job of fulfilling my goal from trimester 1. This upcoming tri-mester, I would like to read a lot more, and hopefully accomplish reading at least 6 books. Also in tri-mester 3, I would like to read more of different genres, as supposed to fiction, and non-fiction.

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