Anthony’s Reading Reflection Term 2

I read 10 books this trimester. None of the books I read challenged me.  All of the books I read were just right for me. My favorite book was Flyboys and my favorite author was Edward L. Beach because of his style of writing. I like nonfiction because it was real life events. I did finish my goal and I will try to finish books every 6 days next trimester to keep up with the 30 book challenge. I will try new genres and authors and continue to finish my letter essays.

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7 thoughts on “Anthony’s Reading Reflection Term 2

  1. Well Anthony so far you are doing a great job, but try to challenge yourself with harder books. So next year you’ll be ahead of most students in your Language Arts class. Most authors make more challenging books, so try to find the author that you like and challenge yourself to be better than you already are at reading. You should try to read mocking jay or one of the hunger games books of the series. I live in California near the ocean.

  2. I have read your reflection and that’s pretty cool that you have read ten books per term. It must have been tough. I know it would have been hard for me. I am from California west of Los Angeles .

  3. I am from Oxnard, CA and I think it is cool that you read nine books in your second term. It’s great that you have a goal that to read a book every six days. Maybe you can read a Diary of a Wimpy Kid book because they are easy to read and really fun to read as well.

  4. Hey Anthony it’s great that you read ten books in one trimester. Were all the books that you read from the same author? If they were then great because you found an author that writes books that you really enjoy. By the way I am in the eight grade and I’m from California.

  5. Hi, my name is Juan and I’m an 8th grader from California and I also read books that are at my level. I’m trying to read some hard books that are above my level. I think that you should also try to read books above your level. It is challenging, but you can learn some new things from harder books.

  6. Hi I am from California. My name is osiris and it is cool that you read 10 books a trimester. I like that you are trying to read different books. I like comedy books so I would recommend a diary of a wimpy kid book. It is good that you are trying to read 30 books before the end of the year.

  7. Hello Anthony my name is Marc I’m from Oxnard, CA. I read your blog. You’re doing a very good job by reading so much. It amazed me when I found out you have to read 10 books every trimester. Have you read the Book Brothers In Arms? It’s my favorite book.

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