Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal

During trimester 2 I thought I did a great job at trying to get my goal and accomplishing my goal. I did accomplish my goal of reading 10 books in the trimester by reading 11 books. I passed my goal by one book and have now read 23 books so far. During the trimester I read the book “Code name Verity” and I found it very difficult to read. I did not really like it and thought it was hard to understand in some parts of the book. I ended up finishing it but it was pretty hard to finish considering how confusing it was. However, the book I liked the most was “The outsiders”. I really loved this book and would read it over and over again. If I had to recommend a book to someone it would probably be this book. The author of this book isn’t my favorite author but the book is my favorite book so far. My favorite author is still MIke lupica. I love to read his stories about different kids playing different sports. I just find his books so interesting and they make sense to me since I play a lot of sports. The genre of almost all of the Mike lupica books is realistic fiction which is also my favorite genre. I like realistic fiction because most of the realistic fiction books I read are about sports and I love reading sport books.


My goal for the 3rd trimester is to finish the 30 book challenge by reading 7 more books to get to 30. I also want to read more then 30 and read something like 33 books so I could read 10 this trimester. I also want to finish my letter essays by writing 3 more. I have already done 9 letter essays and would like to finish it off by doing 3 more. But the next 7 books I need to read need to be 3 traditional, 1 informational, and 1 science fiction book. If i do this then I will also complete the genre goal by reading many different genres throughout the year. I think I can accomplish my goal and hope to pass my goal by a couple of books.


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5 thoughts on “Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal

  1. Hello! I am Ron from R.J Frank school in Oxnard, CA. I also read The Outsiders and I thought it was a very good book, in fact, it’s one of my favorites. It was one of my favorites because I am the third brother of my family. Although , I haven’t seen the movie yet. Also, good luck on your 3rd trimester goal! If you can read 10 books for 2nd trimester, you can read 30 books!

    1. Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. I really liked the book Outsiders and glad to hear you liked it too.

  2. Hi! I am also a fan of book, ” The Outsiders.” If you haven’t seen the movie, I definetly recommend it! I would read the book over and over again. Hope you have a chance to see the movie!

  3. Hey Brett! I hope you can accomplish your reading goals, I’m also trying to accomplish mine. I could also do the same about reading “the outsiders” over and over again! It really is a great book. I haven’t watched the movie yet but I hope one day I gets the chance to. Mostly everyone that I know that has watched the film has said that it was a really great movie. A couple of my friends said it even made them cry! Few movies have put me in tears and if the movie really is as good as people say, I hope the movie will give me a good cry. Good luck on reaching your goals!

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