Carson’s 2nd Trimester Reading Reflection

I have read eight books for this trimester. I struggled a little bit with Skeleton Key because the writing format was a lot different then I am use to. The best book I read this year was Bomb because it had really good information and I did not know a lot of the things in the book, like about the German’s Bomb, but now I know tons of information about the Bomb that I would have never known. My favorite author is Anthony Horowitz because all of his books have really good plots to them that make you want to read more of it. My favorite genre is realistic fiction because they can always happen but there could be twists in the middle of the book that make it a lot more interesting.

I completed all my goals this trimester because I did not turn in anything late, I always payed attention, I was focused and determined, and I was on task. I put a lot of hard work into this trimester and hope to do even better this trimester for reading. The only thing I want to do better in is group work.

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