Claire’s Trimester Reading Reflection

In this trimester, I read ten books. Of the ten, one was a biography, one was fantasy, and the other’s were realistic fiction. Almost all of the books that I read I really enjoyed so it was really difficult to narrow my choices down to three books. The books are ‘If I Stay’, ‘Where She Went’, and ‘See You At Harry’s’. I enjoyed all of those books because I like seeing families/friends coming together after something tragic happens. I think that my favorite author right now is Gayle Forman, because she wrote two of the books that are currently in my top three favorites. My favorite genre is realistic fiction, because I like to imagine things that could potentially happen to me and/or someone that I know. I believe that I actually excelled above my reading goal, which was to read faster because I’m a slow reader. The books that I read weren’t really that short of books. During the third trimester, I don’t want to read one realistic fiction book. I’m doing this because I want to be exposed to different reading materials that I might like but haven’t tried before (and because I already read my maximum realistic fiction books).

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