David’s Reading Reflection

This trimester I have read a total of 10 books. Most of the books I read were in the range of easy to medium. My goal to finish the Hunger Games series was not completed, as I only finished reading the first book in the trilogy. Also, I did not have time to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as I finished on page 300. My goal in trimester 2 was to read 2 fantasy books, 4 poetry, 3 realistic fiction, and 1 mystery. I did red 2 fantasy books, 1 poetry, 3 realistic fiction, and no mystery books.


The Goblet of Fire was my most challenging book to read this trimester. Currently, my favorite author is J.K Rowling because I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series. Also, my favorite genre of books is fiction, because I find that the most interesting books fall in this genre. About half of my goals were completed this trimester. My third trimester reading goals are to finish the thirty book challenge, read all the required genres, and to read more Anthony Horowitz books.


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1 thought on “David’s Reading Reflection

  1. Dear David,
    I am from Oxnard ,CA and I go to RJ Frank. I have read 15 books and I started reading the Hunger Games but then I lost the book then I also lost Catching Fire then finally I read Mockingjay but it was so boring if you haven’t read the first two then a few days later I found it and I was like, “what you weren’t there yesterday when I searched the whole house for you😕” . ( I didn’t actully talk to the book because that would be crazy.). I am determined to finish Hunger Games and read at least one Harry Potter book over spring break, but first I need to own a Harry Potter book. I know I am writing a lot but I am almost done okay ,okay. Done 😄. I also hope you achieve your goal of the thirty book challenge. Bye David and good luck.😄

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