Ian’s reading reflection

My goal last trimester was to try to read new authors and genres and I think I have succeeded my goal. I have read 11 books this trimester most of them have been new genres and authors. I finished the poetry section of the the 30 book Challenge. I read a book by Edward Allen Poe called  ¨Poe stories¨, it was probably the most difficult book I read this trimester. The best book I have read this trimester was “Death Sentence’’’which is part of the Escape from furnace series I Liked it because it had great detail and action. My favorite author is Alexander Gordon Smith because he writes my favorite book series. My favorite genre is still realistic fiction because it contains all the sports books Tim Green writes. My new goal is to start to try to read fantasy books because that is the last category I have to fill out to complete the Thirty book Challenge.


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