Kiki’s Reading Reflection

During this trimester I read 13 books. One of the more challenging books that I read this trimester is 13 Reasons Why. This book was a little bit challenging because it had some words that I didn’t know. The best book that I read this trimester was See You at Harry’s. I liked this book because the book was very funny in some parts and very sad in others. I do not have a favorite author. I like to read from many different author. My favorite genre to read is realistic fiction because it shows you what could happen in real life. In my Trimester 2 reading goal I said i wanted to read 20 books and I wanted to read more poetry and historical fiction. I was 7 books away from my reading goal and I didn’t really read any poetry and historical fiction. In the future I will try to find more time to read and when going to a library try to look for more poetry and historical fiction.


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3 thoughts on “Kiki’s Reading Reflection

  1. I read 13 Reasons Why and really enjoyed it. I agre that this book had some tough words in it and I hope you understood the book.

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