Louie Reading Reflection

Hello world, My name is Louie and this is my trimester 2 reading reflection.

This trimester I read 13 books, a couple were challenging such as Narnia because it was written from a very religious point of view. The best book was Murder at Midnight by: Avi. I’ve heard of that author a lot and I decided to read the book and I could relate fabrizio in many ways, he’s a normal kid in a fictional story. He really brings out everyones’ inner child. Avi is now my favorite author because that author can really make you relate to the character and is super relatable. I completed my goal of widening my reading of genres like poetry and also I read more than the 11 books that I wanted to read and it felt really good. Next trimester I want to rea 9 books and read some more traditional literature and improve on my letter essay responses.

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4 thoughts on “Louie Reading Reflection

  1. Hey Louie! My name is Jayson and I’m from California. First off I would like to congratulate you on passing more book quizzes than you are supposed to! Even though we have not met each other in real life, I would like to say I am proud of you for going past your goals and going above and beyond. Not many people put in the effort to do things like that. And I find that it is great that you have expanded the genre of books you read. Keep carrying on Louie! ūüėÄ

  2. Hi my name is Rodrigo and I’m from California. I really liked your paragraph because you say how you like Murder At Midnight by Avi. I haven’t actually read that book but I have read one of the Narnia books though I can’t remember the name but I can say that they are pretty challenging but they are also very good books to practice if you’re going to 8th grade. I am also really surprised that you read that many books. I’m glad that you feel proud of yourself.

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