Luke’s Second Trimester Reading Reflection

For the second trimester, I wanted to read at least 16 books, four of which would be poetry. By reading over 25 books, I surpassed by goal by a wide margin. Those 25 plus books were not very difficult at all, but throughout the trimester I tried very hard to find harder books. Out of all of these books, I would say my favorite book has got to be “The Finisher”, by: David Baldacci. A 500 plus page mystery, the reader can’t see the final plot twist coming. I couldn’t put the book down, it was so good.  The author made a fantasy book so mysterious even the main character doesn’t understand what is going on. Great book. My favorite author is still Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson series and some other great Greek mythology books. His description is very vivid and life-like. As you can probably tell, my favorite genre is fantasy, but I’ve grown to like reading informational or non fiction books. I achieved my goal of the second trimester excluding the four poetry books. In the third trimester I would like to read anywhere from 16-20 books or above. To complete the “30 Book Challenge” I need to read those four poetry books along with four traditional literature books which I will definitely read this coming trimester.

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