Madigan’s Reading Reflection

This past trimester I read 14 books but 8 books cover to cover. What challenged me the most is non-fiction books including poetry and traditional literature. This challenged me the most because I am a more hands on person and love suspense and to let my imagination run wild while I feel trapped and uninterested with non-fiction. My favorite book, actually I don’t have one but four, I LOVE Harry Potter 1-4 because I couldn’t read more than 3 fantasy books adding one to 8 chapter books of choice. If I were to pick one of the four I would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling. This book lets my imagination fly, it’s packed with suspense and questions almost making it a mystery. My favorite author is the author of Harry Potter, J.K.Rowling, I love the way she write these books and hooks the reader in the book in the first sentence of the book, and makes you wonder why all these strange things are happening.

I feel I made great progress this trimester reading 14 books, I recall making an 11 book challenge in which I over did by 3 books letting me read less next trimester and also I have more time for reading bigger longer books.

My goals for next year is to force myself through the least favorite genres That I haven’t read yet, maybe J.K.Rowling has any other genres to read because I really enjoy her writing. My goal for pace is to read fast so I can get back to the Harry Potter series because I had to stop in the middle. Next trimester I am going to hand in my letter essays in on or early with great responses so I get good grades.


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3 thoughts on “Madigan’s Reading Reflection

  1. Hi Madigan,
    I am an 8th grade English teacher in Oxnard, CA. My classroom is decorated in the Hogwarts theme. I sort all of my students into the houses on the 2nd day of school. I have read all of the HP books many times! J.K. Rowling is BRILLIANT! I was very excited to read your blog. I’m so glad your teacher invited me and all of my students to respond to your blogs. Thanks for your reflection on great books and a great author.

    Ms. Storey

  2. Hey Madigan,
    I am a student from California! I also LOVE all the Harry Potter books too. My favorite book is the Goblet of Fire as well. There is so much suspense,mystery , and a little bit of romance throughout the book. Keep on reading the series like you plan to;it’ll be worth it. At my school in Oxnard we only have to read 6 books per trimester. It’s so unfourtanate you have to read 10 books per trimester. So far I have read 19 books out of 2 trimesters. I liked your reflection on the Harry Potter books.

    From another Harry Potter fan,
    😬 Jessica

  3. Hi Madigan,

    My name is Layla and I am from Oxnard ,California and I go to RJ Frank Middle School. I have also read Harry Potter and I have seen all of the movies, and my AVID teacher Ms. Storey has her whole room set up as Harry Potter themed!

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