Parker’s Reading Reflection

I read 10 books this trimester. I read a book called ¨The Nazi Hunters” that was my most challenging book because of all the sophisticated references to strategies and weapons.My favorite book(s) this trimester was the two ¨Michael Vey” books I read because of the emotions the book(s) cause you to have and these books had the most action in a book that I have ever read. My favorite author right now is Richard Paul Evans because of the way he writes his stories. They are very organized and action packed, in result makes you want to continue reading.Just this trimester I realized I like reading sci-fi books better than the other genres because of how easy it is to get lost in the book. You can really imagine everything that is going on because it isn’t real.

My goal last trimester was to comprehend books better so that I would enjoy the book better and make me want to read more. I think I accomplished that goal. Now, this trimester I want to achieve the goal of branching out of my comfort zone and read different genres of books. The reason for this goal is I’m hoping this to make reading more enjoyable and find other books to read instead of ones I already have. I might try every two weeks to read a book. If it doesn’t work I will cut it shorter. I also want to try new authors or continue reading the new ones I just got introduced too. I want to shorten my example paragraph for my letter essay in order for the reader not to lose interest and make the reader actually want to read the book I’m recommending.

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