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In this trimester, my goal was to read 10 books so I will achieve my 30 book challenge goal.  I  already read 9 books and I am on my 10th book right now.  I haven’t read any challenging books yet, but the hardest book I read was “Go Ask Alice” this book is a diary about a girl who gets addicted to drugs.  This book was challenging because the setting in the book kept jumping around and she was writing about how it felt to have drugs in your body so it was confusing.  The best book I read so far was “One for the Murphys” or “Out of my Mind”  these books were the best book I read because I really get into the books and it feels like I am in them.  I love the ways the author’s write in the books because they really show the character’s feelings.  My favorite genre is Realistic Fiction because it is stuff that can really happen.


My goal for the 3rd trimester is to finish 11 book so I finish the 30 book challenge.  To achieve this goal I will have to read about a book every 2 weeks and I reading these books I also want to finish reading all the 10 genres.  I also want to add more authors craft in to my letter essays.


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4 thoughts on “Rebecca’s Reading

  1. I think I am interested in reading the book that you said was challenging “Go Ask Alice”, because I often read easier books than the challenging ones and I’d like to challenge myself a bit more. I also think your goal for trimester 3 is very organized, because when you finish that goal you are also on the other goal. Also by the way I am from California.

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