Sara’s Trimester Reading Reflection

During trimester two, I have read ten books. One book that challenged me was Sea Turtles by Jeff Ripple. This informational book was a challenge because there were a variety of complicated words that I didn’t really understand such as the breeds of sea turtles and many facts about them. The best book that I read this trimester was One for the Murphy’s. This book was a very great read. I got very pulled into it and I could never put it down. I really enjoyed the plot and the amount of description incorporated into it. Right now, I don’t have a favorite author, however I really enjoy the writing of Lynda Mullay Hunt, author of One for the Murphy’s  and Wendy Mass, author of the Candymakers. Both of their writing includes a big amount of description and some suspense. My favorite genres are realistic fiction and mystery. The great amount of suspense in mystery books is very entertaining and hard to put down. Realistic fiction books are always a great read and you can relate to the characters and the plot of the story. In the beginning of the trimester, one of the reading goals I set was to read a variety of different genres such as poetry, non fiction, and biographies. I have made a lot of progress toward that goal. I read two biographies, two poetry books, and two nonfiction books. Another one of my goals was to real a little bit faster, but slow enough that I can still understand the story. I have been reading a little bit faster, however not too much. One of my goals for the third trimester is to read science fiction and historical fiction books. Also I will try to find a variety of different authors. Furthermore, I would like to read a little bit more every night. Finally, in my letter essays, I would like to improve my quoted passages so they are correct. I can look at some examples to help me with that.

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2 thoughts on “Sara’s Trimester Reading Reflection

  1. I agree with you about the book, One for the Murphy’s. It was a really great book, it is one of my favorites. It was very easy to just get pulled into it and read it all in one day. I really wanted to keep reading to find out if Carley was going to go back to her mother or stay with the foster family.

    1. Yes, that book was a great read! I agree with you it was very easy to get pulled into and I also did want to keep on reading and discover the outcome.

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