Sean’s Reading reflection and goals

Trimester two was mostly a success for me in terms of reading. Although I did not meet my goal of reading 12 books, I read 10 ( which was more than I did in the first trimester). I did read a variety of genres. I read a poetry book, a biography, and recently finished my first mystery. One book I read this trimester that challenged me was skiing USA. I think the only reason it was difficult was because it was one of my first non fiction books and I was not used to reading information.The best book  I read  this trimester was The chronicles of Narnia, the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe. I enjoyed it because I had seen the movie of the story but the book was so much better. A lot of parts that were in the book were not included in the movie so I gained a better understanding of the story by reading.I can not decide on my favorite author because I try to read a good variety, which was one of my goals coming into the trimester. My favorite genre right now is mystery mostly because I just finished the hardy boys book and i really enjoyed it. Reading a mystery is very engaging because it always has the reader guessing.This trimester, I progressed in the variety of genres that I read. My goals for the third trimester are to continue to read different genres , read twelve books (to meet the thirty book challenge), and to read four traditional literature books.


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