Daily Archives: March 19, 2015

How Complicated Really is The United Kingdom?

On September 18 the Scottish people had a tough day deciding to get independence with Alex Salmond’s Yes Scotland campaign or stick to being a Dependence (A sort of country) controlled by David Cameron. Both have pro’s or cons, the Scottish people in the 32 counties refereed as a “Shire” could vote on a poll … Continue reading How Complicated Really is The United Kingdom?

Competitive Sports

Competitive sports Youth competitive sports should always be an option for children to play. My reasoning for this is because the obesity epidemic has been a concurring problem all around the world and taking away youth competitive sports would make that even worse. My second reason is because kids get taught life lessons through competitive … Continue reading Competitive Sports

Victoria’s Journalism Week 1

I love animals especially pets because they are nicer, make us live longer, and better for humans. I remember whenever anyone had a new pet even if it was tiny and always wanted to see it.  Myself, I have always had pets in my life. I have had 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 guinea … Continue reading Victoria’s Journalism Week 1

Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. One book that I was slightly confused by was Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle. It was a poetry book, and the language that it spoke was very confusing. There were a lot of paltry paragraphs, and long words, some of which involved very hard thinking . The best … Continue reading Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals