Caden’s Trimester goals 2

I have been working on my goals which were to read more genres and to understand the books better. I have read many different genres of books to complete these goals. I have read non-fiction, poetry, and some history. I have started using more and more of the strategies that Mr. Jockers taught me.

I have read about 10 books this trimester. My favorite author right now is Pittacus Lore because he writes my favorite series the I Am Number 4 series. I love This series because it is sci-fi (science fiction) which is my favorite genre. I read a nonfiction book called slow getting up and it was a difficult read. Some of the terms in the book were very confusing and had to reread and skip a few paragraphs. It was a great story though.

My goals for the 3rd trimester are to work on summarizing books in the letter essays better and to work on very strong language.


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