Ellas reading reflection trimester 2

I read around 10 books this trimester. The books that I read didn’t come across as challenging which means that In trimester 3 I want to read more challenging books. The best book I read this trimester was probably Chinese Cinderella because it the challenges she had to overcome made it into a inspiring story. I don’t have and never have really had a favorite author  though there are authors that I like a lot such as Lois Lowry and Suzanne Collins. My favorite genre to read is the mystery genre because I like murder mysteries and my other favorite genre is the fantasy drama because I like fairytales. This trimester i made some progress towards my reading goal but not as much as i would like. Next trimester I want to read much more.

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14 thoughts on “Ellas reading reflection trimester 2

  1. Hi I’m from California and man you guys have to read so many books we only have to read four books a trimester and I still can’t do that

      1. haha, jk noah, but only 4 books? that seems like an under exageration! how long is your trimester

  2. Hey Ella! Greetings from California! I’m really glad you want to challenge yourself by reading more challenging books! I heard of the Chinese Cinderella and it seems interesting. My favorite genre is science fiction. I hope you reach your goal.

  3. Hi Ella! I’m an eighth grader all the way from California and one of my favorite authors is Suzanne Collins as well because I absolutely love the Hunger Games. I like how these books grab my attention easily. I don’t plan on reading Chinese Cinderella, but it seems interesting that I would like to read it before my school year ends.

  4. Hi Ella, the way you described seems like it would be a really interesting book. I can’t wait to read it. I also like stories with mysteries because I like a suprizing and unsuspected ending.

  5. Hi Ella, I am writing from California. I read your reading reflection and I have to say it was great to read. I also like murder mysteries. Well, I like all mysteries not just murder, but I’m pretty sure you get what I mean. I like how you explained yourself and described why you liked the books. Good luck in your school years, hang in there dude.

  6. Hello Ella, I am a student from California! I noticed that one of your favorite authors is Suzanne Collins. I enjoy reading her books too. “Chinese Cinderella” sounds like an interesting book. I’ll take a look at that book soon. Have a great day!

  7. I like reading mystery and murder books too, but my mum think I’m weird for reading kind of books. I live in California and I’m in avid also. Well yeah I like you genre in stories.

  8. Hello Ella, I am writing all the way from California. I absolutely love the author Suzanne Collins too, I love all of her books. I have also wanted to check out the book Chinese Cinderella, it seems like a very interesting book.

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