Hannah’s Reading Reflection

In the second trimester, I finished 9 books. My goal was to read 10 so I almost reached it. My other goal was to read more genres. I was able to reach that goal. A book that challenged me was Lock and Key by Sara Dessen. I couldn’t understand some of the words which made everything confusing. I was able to finish it but I struggled a lot throughout it. My favorite book that I read this trimester was See You at Harry’s  by Jo Knowles. This book was amazing. I read it in two days. I liked this book because you really go to know the characters. The description was amazing. Each chapter, left you wondering what was going to happen next. My favorite author is Lisi Harrison. She wrote the Clique Series which is my absolute favorite series. Her other books are great. I am reading “Alphas” which was written by here, it is also really good. My favorite genre is realistic fiction. This is my favorite genre because you can relate to the characters. My goal was to read more genres and I did. My goals this trimester is to write longer, as well as better letter essays and get all A’s on them.

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  1. Hi Hannah my name is Jocelyn. I live in California. I’ve never read the books by Lisi Harrison. Are her books interesting?

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