Hanna’s Reading Reflection

In the second trimester my goal was to read thirteen books I met the goal. Another 
goal of mine was to read books that challenged me I did not meet that goal.  
One of my favorite books that I read in the second trimester was “Someone else’s 
Life ” by: Katie Dale this was one of my favorite books because it was very suspenseful 
and kept me wanting more.  One of my favorite authors from this trimester was Sarah 
Dessen because I love the way I can connect to all her books. My favorite genre from this 
trimester is realistic fiction because, I like reading books I can relate too. 
I did not meet all of my goals for the second trimester for example I  did not write a 
letter essay about a book I didn’t like and I didn’t read any biographies. I will add the goals 
that I didn’t complete to my third trimester goals so I will have another chance at completing 
them. My goals this trimester is to write down all the books I read, I would also like to read 
more historical fiction and more James Patterson books. Finally I would like to get all check 
pluses on all of my letter essays. Someone else’s life book review
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7 thoughts on “Hanna’s Reading Reflection

  1. Hey Hanna! I’m live near the ocean in California and my goal is to read 18 books by the third trimester and we started the third timester a few weeks ago. So far I have 12 books and counting! It’s a good thing to set goals in the future. What I do is divide the number of pages to the number of days I have left to pass the book. I like doing this because it keeps me organized.

  2. I think that is a small amount of time to be able read all of those books. That’s great, by the way. I’m commenting on your reflection from California.

  3. Hey Hanna, my name is Natalie and I’m an 8th grader at R.J. Frank school in California. I never heard of the book you read “Someone else’s life” but I love suspenseful books too. So I’m thinking I could check out that book from my school library. I also love that you are willing to do anything to get to your goal. I hope I can be like you and achieve my goals as well.

  4. hey Hanna, I’m Julianne and I just want to say that reading thirteen books is such a goal that I wouldn’t be able to achieve at least 5! I also wanted to say that we can relate on genres because I also love to read books that I can relate to. And that book, “Someone else’s life”, sounds like an interesting book so I might read it sometime. I hope you achieve that goal you failed! ;P
    P.S. I live in Cali


  5. Dear Hanna,
    My name is Bryanna and I am from California. I can’t believe that you read 13 books in the second trimester I barley have read 13 right now all together. I might read the book “Someone else’s Life” because you said it was suspenseful and I love suspense.

  6. Hi Hanna. My name is Saida and I’m from California. I hear it’s cold in Connecticut. I like reading when it’s cold over here. One of my favorite books I read is “Fat Angie”. You should check it out in your free time. I think it’s cool that you set goals for yourself every trimester. I have a goal for my last trimester as well. I would like to reach my 1 millionth word read before April ends. I will also be reading one of your favorite books, “Someone Else’s Life”

  7. Hey I’m Alexis from Oxnard, California. I’m in the 8th grade. That’s good that you reached your first goal. Hopefully you can reach you current goal. It’s really cool that you are interested in reading James Patterson books because I really enjoy his books. I suggest you read his book “Alex Cross”.

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