How Complicated Really is The United Kingdom?

On September 18 the Scottish people had a tough day deciding to get independence with Alex Salmond’s Yes Scotland campaign or stick to being a Dependence (A sort of country) controlled by David Cameron. Both have pro’s or cons, the Scottish people in the 32 counties refereed as a “Shire” could vote on a poll for Yes or No. The main issue for an Independent Scotland would be Currency because what Alex Salmond proposed is they still use the pound while having close ties for trading. If they had there own currency they would have been in major debt and most likely make there way back into the UK. Another main reason was oil on the Shetland Islands which the UK wanted but was in Scotland’s “So and so” territory this would take 15% of there countries revenue. When the day came they said no and remained in the UK. Tell me what you think in the comments? Or if I need to explain anything more!

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