Jackson’s Reading Reflection and Goals

I read 10 books during trimester 2nd. I met my goal because I did what I aid in my goal. I read harder books and I read the books that were necessary for the Tally list.  I was able to read more books then the first trimester and would like to do the same for the 3rd trimester.

The hardest book I read this trimester( 2nd)  was the maze runner. The reason was when there was a girl that came into the maze and how it changed the way the game was in the maze. I knew what the characters were doing but at parts it was confusing and I just didn’t focus in on the scene. I favorite book would be “Guts” by  Garry Paulsen. The book was non-fiction and I like hearing that Garry Paulsen was telling about his own life in this book and how it helped him wright the book “Hatchet” and it was very amazing to me because the stuff he did was cool. Like hunting, camping,  and Survival in the wilderness. My new goal for the 3rd trimester  is  to read more books than the first two. I want to really organize my reading. Last trimester there was to much books I was reading at once. That is why I want to organize when and what I need read.

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8 thoughts on “Jackson’s Reading Reflection and Goals

  1. Hi my name is Samantha A from Oxnard,California in R.J Frank intermidiate school I’m an 8th grader and I think it’s really cool that you push yourself to read so many books per trimester I haven’t read the maze runner but I’ve seen the movie. I’m going to look for the book. Good job and keep reading.

  2. Hey! My name is Andrew and I’m an eighth grader in California. I like your goal and am also very much into the Mazerunner Books.

  3. My name is Jessica and I’m a 7th grader at R.J. Frank Intermediate School in Oxnard, CA. I’m also reading The Maze Runner, but I don’t think I’ve gotten to the part you are as I barely started it. I’ve watched the movie however and can see why you got confused as it is a bit confusing. Anyways, I’m amazed by how many books you’ve read during 2nd trimester as I’m not much of a reader. I also agree with your goals and I think I might do the same thing. I hope your goals work out for you.

  4. Wow great goals that you have been accomplishing! I am a 7th grader at R.J Frank Intermidate School. I love reading but me myself have not read that many books I have read about 17 book with only 667,000 words. That is absolutely amazing that you can push your self to read that many book a trimester. Me myself have not read the maze runner but I have watched the moving and now I am going to read the book! Keep reading !

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